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  • 关于新年的英语作文五篇

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    The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China .It’s to celebrate the lunar calendar ‘s new year .In the evening before the The Spring Festival ,families get together and have a big meal .In many places people like to set off firecrackers .Dumplings are the most traditional food .Children like the festival very much ,because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes .They can also get some money from their parents. This money is given to children for good luck . People put New Year scrolls on the wall for good fortune .

    The The Spring Festival lasts about 15 days long .People visit relatives and friends with the words “Have all your wishes ”. People enjoy the The Spring Festival ,during this time they can have a good rest .




    The The Spring Festival

    The The Spring Festival, Chinese New Year赏析作文,is the most important festival for all of us. All family members get together on New Year'Eve to have a big meal.At the same time赏析作文, everyone celebrates to each other.At about 12 o'clock,some parents and children light crackers.The whole sky is lighted brightly. We may watch the fireworks excitedly.How busy it is!

    On the first early moring of one year, many senior citizen get up early and they stick the reversed Fu or hang some couplets on the front door. Some house's windows are sticked on red paper cutlings.

    The Chinese New Year lasts fifteen days. So during the fifteen days, we always visit our relatives from door to door. At that time, children are the happiest because they can get many red packets form their parents,grandparents, uncles, aunts and so on. The last day of the Chinese New Year is another festival. It names the Lantern Festival.

    So the Chinese New Year comes to the end.


    The Lunar New Year

    The Lunar New Year is a great occasion to the Chinese people. It lasts about the first four days of the year, during which people do not work except for the workers on duty. Students do not go to school, and shops are closed.

    Several days before the new year, people begin to prepare. Farmers kill pigs, sheep, cocks and hens. City dwellers buy meat fish and vegetables. Houses are cleaned; coupletsare posted on the doors. Colourful lanterns are hung at the gate.

    On the eve of the new year, each family has its members gatherd together and eats a family reunion dinner. After the meal they watch TV until the clock strickes twelve. Then every family sets off long strings of small firecrackers and other fire works to welcome the new year. On the first day of the new year, almost everyone is dressed in his or her best. When people meet on the way, they say to each other "Happy New Year". Friends and relatives pay new year calls and gives presents to each other. Children indulge themselves in games.


    chinese new year

    the origin of chinese new year

    chinese new year, pronounced in chinese as "xin nian", always falls on the date of marking the beginning of the spring and thus it is also called the "spring festival". "xin" means "new" and "nian" means "year". there are many stories told about the origin of "nian", which actually is a name of animals.

    the old story says that the beast "nian" with a very big mouth was so fierce and could swallow many people in one single bite. people were very scared. an old man offered to subdue "nian" and said to "nian": "i hear that you are very capable, but can you swallow the other beasts instead of people who are by no means of your worthy opponents?" so "nian" swallowed many of the other beasts that hurt people and their domestic animals. the old man turned out to be an immortal god and riding the beast "nian" flied to the heaven. now that "nian" is gone and other beasts were also scared into forests, people began to enjoy their peaceful life. before the old man left, he had told people to put up red paper decorations on their windows and doors at each year's end to scare away "nian" in case it sneaked back again, because red is the color the beast feared the most.

    from there on, the term "guo nian" has the meaning of "pass-over" or "survive" the "nian". by tradition, chinese businesses had to pay off all debts by the year-end and thus if they could get it over, it is worth for the celebration of the new year.

    today people still put up red paper and firing firecrackers as way of celebration. "guo nian" becomes a tradition of celebration for thousand of years.


    Winter vacation is coming.We're happy to welcome the holidays.Usually,winter vacation is funny because The Spring Festival is during the vacation.

    The Spring Festival is a excellent day for every Chinese,especially for children.During the festival,relatives go to visit each other and give presents to each other.Then it's the happy moment for children,children are given some lucky money.

    But i'm not a child any longer.I want to make the festival a little bit different. I plan to have a different day.I'm going to sell some toys in the flower market.I will ask my friends to join me.If i earn some money,i'll buy some presents to my parents.Well,it's my turn to give back to my parents for their love.

    the in 赏析作文 撒谎作文 知足常乐作文
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