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  • 高考英语作文开头技巧集合

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    文章一开头,关于长征的作文,就交待清楚文章的主题是什么。如“How I Spent My Vacation”(我怎样度假)的开头可以写成:

    I Spent my last vacation happily.


    Honesty is one of the best virtues.An honest man is always trusted and respected.On the contrary, one who tells lies is regarded as a "liar",and is looked upon by honest people.


    在文章的开头,先把人物、事件和环境交待清楚。例如"A Trip to Jinshan" (去金山旅游)的开头可以写成:

    The day before yesterday my class went on a bus trip to Jinshan. The bus ride there took three hours. The long trip made us very tired, but the sight of the beautiful sea refreshed us.

    3. 回忆性的开头

    用回忆的方法来开头。例如"A Trip to the Taishan Mountain"(泰山游)的开头是:

    I remember my first trip to the Taishan Mountain as if it were yesterday.


    对要在文章中叙述的人或事先作一个概括性的介绍。如“The Happiness of Reading Books”(读书的快乐)的`开头:

    People often say that gold and silver are the most valuable things in the world. But I say that to read books is more valuable than anything else, because books give us knowledge and knowledge gives us power.


    即开头利用自然景物或自然环境引出要介绍的事物。如“An Accident”(一场事故)的开头可以写成:

    It was a rainy and windy morning. The sky was gloomy, the temperature was low, and the street was nearly empty. I was on my way back to school. Suddenly, a speeding car came round the corner.


    在文章的一开头就交待写作目的,如通过文章要表扬谁关于长征的作文,批评谁,或说明一个什么问题等。如 "Pollution Control" (控制污染)的开头:

    In this article I shall draw your attention to the subject of pollution control.



    The Chinese news agency Xinhua says the People's Daily newspaper have both carried reports suggesting that the addition of industrial chemical melamine to animal feed in China is an open secret. Quentin Sommerville reports from Beijing.

    Animal feed in China is routinely contaminated with industrial chemical melamine, according to the country's state media. Chemical firms have been repackaging scrapped melamine as protein powder and selling at home. When added to the feed, it gives the illusion of boosting nutritional levels. China's melamine scandal began in the dairy industry, 4 babies died and 20 thousand children were hospitalised after the chemical was added to milk. This week, the authorities in Hong Kong discovered melamine in 4 brands of Chinese produced eggs. It's believed they have got there because of contaminated animal feed.


    Live with thankfulness

    Do you know Thanksgiving Day? Do you know why human thank God?

    Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November, a different date every year. The President must proclaim that date as the official celebration.

    Thanksgiving is a time for tradition and sharing. Even if they live far away, family members gather for a reunion at the house of an older relative. All give thanks together for the good things that they have.

    In this spirit of sharing, civic groups and charitable organizations offer a traditional meal to those in need, particularly the homeless. On most tables throughout the United States, foods eaten at the first thanksgiving have become traditional.

    What should we thank?

    The thankful great universe provides the environment of existence for us and give us sunlight, air, water and everything in keeping with we existence of space, bring storm to let us accept to toughen for us, bring to us mysterious let us look for.

    The thankful parents give us the life, make us feel the merriment of the human life, feel the genuine feeling of the human life, feel the comity of the human life, feel happiness of the human life, also feel hardships and pain and sufferings of the human life!

    The thankful teacher works with diligence and without fatigue everyday of teach, give us knowledge ability, put on the wing which flies toward the ideal for us.

    The thankful classmate and friend grows up road of, let I no longer standing alone in the itinerary of life; The with gratitude is frustrated and let us become in a time the failure stronger.

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