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    关于动物的英语作文:Monarch butterfly

    Monarch butterfly is a beautiful insect.

    Monarch butterfly is insect, it is beautiful, every year , Milli0ns of Monarch butterflies fly from Canada to Mexico ,the way is about 4000 km. they fly 45km every day .Why do they go to Mexico? Because , Canada is too cold ,they are live in Mexico six months ,from April to October . And then, new Monarch butterflies are fly from Mexico to Canada, they are not “old” Monarch butterflies, because Monarch butterflies lay their eggs and the they die.

    In the Canada, new Monarch butterflies lay eggs ,and then die, the egg change to the Monarch butterfly caterpillar, the Monarch butterfly caterpillar change to the Monarch butterfly chrysalis , the Monarch butterfly chrysalis grow to the adult Monarch butterfly, the adult Monarch butterfly lay egg and then die ……

    I have a question : How do the Monarch butterfly know the way? Maybe only Monarch butterflies can answer this questions .

    is the 小乌龟的作文 动物作文 六年级毕业作文 中考作文素材
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