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  • 养宠物带来的改变高中英语作文范文

    发布时间:2020-09-24      来源:未知


    The Changes of Raising a Pet

    I always wanted to raise a pet, but my mother refused because I even couldn’t look after myself well. But recently, my mother changed her attitude, she bought me a lovely cat as my birthday gift. I was very happy and promised to keep it well. Since raising this lovely creature, I became patient. When I bathed her, she struggled and tried to run away, then I had to grab it back. The most important thing was to feed food on time and clean the place that the cat lived. Sometimes I felt so dirty to do it, but I had made my promise and couldn’t break my words. I learned a lot from raising a pet. I started to consider my mother’s feelings when I became naughty. I needed to make some changes and be a better girl.


    the me 感恩老师的作文 距离作文 小学生作文加盟
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