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    Mid-autumn Festival in Singapore is quite lively. The holiday arrived a front for month, the moon cake lantern starts to go on the market. Moon cake, not only satisfies people's luck of having good things to eat also to use for the ancestor worship to pay respects to the moon, is the holiday high quality goods which the relative friend presents mutually. Except the moon cake, Midautumn Festival's another kind of holiday high quality goods are the pomelo.

    Speaking of the young people, makes them feel the interest is the all kinds of manufacture fine lantern, they also were taking advantage of the holiday opportunity, exposes manufactures the lantern the talent, adults also may at the once a year lantern manufacture competition and the decorative lantern exposition heartily the entertainment.

    The Singaporean person also may participate by the populace contacts or the clubhouse sponsor midautumn festival party. The whole family enjoys looking at the moon also is fine deeds together, displays the fruits and melons, the moon cake in the home, again adds the children lantern, is warm, harmonious .

    In order to cause the midautumn festival festival the atmosphere thickly, celebration is more common, we suggested hangs up the lantern in the public place, at the same time sponsors plays lantern-riddles and so on the activity.

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