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  • 中秋英语作文

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    The annual Mid-Autumn festival, I it is customary to grandma's home with mom and dad had the Mid-Autumn festival. As the saying goes: the Mid-Autumn festival is the mid autumn festival. One day the god also make the United States. The cool weather especially good, the sun is shining, goldwind. Like drink the honey sweet in my heart. I give my grandma prepared a gift, that is a box of moon cakes. Although very humble, ceremony light feeling heavy. This is with save my pocket money to buy.

    To grandma's house, my sister and I play together happy. Sister still don't understand, but see from her expression of joy. In the evening, we are a large family is sitting on the balcony and enjoy the moon together to eat moon cakes, I told my sister a few legends about the moon. Everybody together say, with a smile, looking at the moon, said homely together, talking and laughing together. Prepared at this time I put my gift to the grandmother, grandmother very happy, took the moon cake also praised me is a sensible child. I will carefully laughed.

    Sending my blessing to my grandma to get the happiness. Grandma praise me that sentence deeply imprinted in my heart. Is up, our family with bright moonlight to sleep...

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