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  • 小学四年级关于春节的英语作文

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    When you ask the people around you, what is the most important festival in China, I think ninety-nine percent will say the same answer, that is the Spring Festival. About the origin of the Spring Festival, there is a old story. One is called "year" beast, will attack people from time to time. To ward off beasts years, people have to the last day of the old set off firecrackers and pasted red paper on the front door and window. Fortunately, the year for fear of the sound of firecrackers, and red stickers, dare not to come again. In order to commemorate the day, our ancestors put on the first day of the lunar New Year as the "Spring Festival".

    During the Spring Festival, all the family members gather together for dinner on New Year's eve night. Apple, fish, noodles, dumplings, pork, chicken, candy is an essential part of the table. "Fish" represents "more than" year after year; "Apple" herald "do things go in peace, the smooth". "Noodles" said "healthy life", as for the other, said will you have a good luck in the New Year.

    The most happy children is the Spring Festival. Not only because they are more than a lot of friend, they can also get a red envelope. A red envelope, they can do anything you want to do: set off firecrackers, buy new clothes, buy everything you want. The best place for children, this is the Spring Festival, isn't it?

    Not only means the beginning of the New Year the Spring Festival, is also carrying people wish for New Year. We hope the New Year wish will come true, life for the better. Anyway, the Spring Festival is the most meaningful family reunion, we spent together with family, this is the whole of the Spring Festival.





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